Actress Etinosa Receives New Mercedes Benz As Gift In Dubai

Actress Etinosa Idemudia has flaunted the brand new Mercedes Benz she got as a gift in Dubai from someone who reached out to her via DM.

Etinosa took to social media with a video showing how excited the gift made her feel.

She shared:

“My Joy knows no bounds
Indeed my Dubai trip comes to an end with the biggest surprise gift I have ever gotten in my life.. It’s not even my birthday and I am not going to say “it’s God o” or “is hardwork” or “perspire to inspire” it’s not anything but a God sent Angel who once reached out to me via my DM!! me Like I am still crying I am humbled like I no know wetin to talk. See Dubai no cold but cold dey catch me. Automatic cold just hook me. I dey cry like Omomo dey use my inhaler dey wedge my ches(t. Ahhh God know say for this my life Na biggie belle I get I no get pride is like a dream I don’t want to believe yet That meI am leaving Dubai as a Mercedes Benz owner. And to think that all these started from just a DM! GIRLS REPLY YOUR DM O

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