GRAPHIC: Lady Attacked And Robbed By One Chance Robbers In Abuja, Policeman Collects Bribe

A lady identified as Favour took to social media to share the story of how she was robbed by one chance robbers and injured by them.She also revealed how the police officer in charge of her case collected money from her and worsened her situation. Below is what she wrote….

‘My name is Ede Favour Chizoba, after so many trauma in my life, I started to make snacks and I will supply them in my streets and outside my street, I do it for a year that was on 2017.

The money I saved from my snacks business I use it to start traveling from Abuja to Kano with Night bus, to buy cloths and I will resale them at Utako Market, I started the business on 13th June, 2018.

On 2019 I started planning how to get a shop inside the market, but on the 10th June, 2019, I was coming back from market around 6:30pm, I boarded a car at Jabi Arab Junction Abuja, to my house at Lugbe, inside the car was driver and two other young guys.
Unknowing that the car is one-chance immediately I entered inside the car and close the door, they zoom off and wind up glass and the glass was tinted, they volume their music and pressed me down. Then they started rubbing me and do a lot of transaction on my account, which they transfer Three Hundred and Sixty Thousand Two Hundred Naira (N360,200.00) from my account to two different accounts Eco Bank and GT Bank, through P.O.S.

And withdraw One Hundred and Six Thousand Two Hundred and Twenty Five Naira (N106,225.00) Through ATM and took One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) from my purse and my Phone Infinix Hot 5, cost N36,000.

During the time they trying to depressed me down, they really hit me with hammer, which affect my bone, my first Aid and my bone therapy cost me 619,155 my treatment and the ones they rubies me is total of (1,221,580).

Immediately I reported my case to Utako Division on the 12th June, 2019 of the D.C.O instruct I.P.O to follow the case up. The I.P.O makes me to spend more than 10,000 and I gave him all the evident I have, he write to the bank, when he got the man, he settle with him with out informing me. Each time I called him, he will be feeling disturbed, if I meet him in the office he will tell me to go that he is working on it and he will never call me back.

On the 31st July, 2019, I took my case to Police Headquarter Area 11, my I.P.O is Mr. Femi, my case was carried out immediately and he never request for any money from me; I send him all the evidence I have on his whatsapp.

On the 15th August, 2019 at noon time he invited me to his office and show me the man that own the P.O.S and his staff, my I.P.O proof to the man and his friend so many evidence which proof that his hand is on my case, even the man P.O.S address that he is using in his office is fake address all he does is to be having side talk with my I. P. O.

The man has nothing to justify himself right there he agree to pay me my money. The man still in the office when my I.P.O ask me to go home that he want to further his investigation on the 2nd account which is GT Bank.

After 3 weeks I don’t hear from him I went to his office on Friday, but he ask me to come back on Monday. On that Monday I came back to his office he gave me statement of GT Bank saying that my transaction did not show on it, that he is confused about my case, but he will still try his best on it. He gave me copy of the GTB documents when I took it to nearby branch, one of the Bank staff told me that the documents is not from them because there was no GT Bank Logo and official stamp on it. and since then till now, he never call me or do anything about my case. He close my case. with a wounded heart, I Appeal before this great forum, to join hands with m :oe and get me justice. Right now my landlady is on my neck, those that sponsored my Bone therapy with hope I will get justice and pay them back is also on my neck……

Am passing through so many traumas right now; am just a young girl trying to survive. I have all the evidence to proveconsideration’

Thanks for anticipation and consideration’

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