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Oyo State Park Manager attacks Ibadan Citizens with Civil Defence and Armed Thugs

Mukaila Lamidi popularly known as Auxiliary is an ex convict, a life threatening NURTW member who have wasted lives and endanger alot of Oyo state citizens.

We can all remember the casualties recorded before he was convicted and immediately peace was returned to Oyo state for over 8 years.

It seems we are back to the old ways , the panic of not having freedom to engage in daily activities, especially walking freely to your home or your business areas, It is so alarming that if you stay in door you are not as well safe. Auxiliary boys as known, can walk up to you at any time, take your belongings and beat you to stupor.

As investigated, you dont walk freely or feel convenient in some areas in the mega city of Ibadan any more;

At Beere, there was an interview with a victim Mr Abdullahi Lukman, he explained how he was brutalized when Mr Mukaila Lamidi(Auxiliary) and his boys stormed them with members of the Nigeria Civil Defence Corps. ‘It wasn’t funny at all, it was like a dream, my son came to check me at shop at beere here, so I have to close early at around 7PM getting to junction, I started hearing gunshots and a bus loading member of the oyo state park management landed on us with cutlasses and canes, we were chased and beaten to stupor but I thank almighty Allah that I was safe, my son has already recovered and discharged from the hospital’.

Similarly, Mrs Fatima Oyelade shared her experience at Iwo Road; ‘it’s now becoming more dangerous for us living at Iwo road, just like we are back to the old days where Auxiliary and Eleweomo threaten and destroy alot of properties, we dont have peace any longer, with Governor Seyi Makinde trying his best to make a change in Oyo state, I think this Auxiliary he is bringing to us is a deadly decision for us, we are not safe, our lives are in danger, it’s either a gun battle at wema or iwo road, imagine being chased and beaten with matchet and cane, the saddening part is, we often see men in blue, they said they are officers of civil defence corps, they engage themselves beating us here in iwo road, imagine the peace we enjoyed for 8 years is gone again.

Similarly, as reported, Oyo state Park manager invaded Oluyole local government of oyo state in Ibadan, having over 30 casualties, according to residence who claimed to stay anonymous; ‘it was in late hours of monday 6th April,2020 when bike men known as okada riders started panicking and running for their life at sola junction, Auxiliary and his boys came with gun and lots of weapon to attack them at the park’.

As reported and identified in the picture are Nigeria civil defence corps taking the lead to attack the park and members of the community at Sanyo, New felele (SOKA) of Oluyole local government, Ibadan. As reported, anonymous in the hospital at Ire akari area of Soka said ‘ I wish Governor Seyi Makinde never made this huge mistake, giving power to a miscreant, an ex convict with no mercy but trouble maker, I was infront of my house when I heard a gunshot, I sent my son to get me hypo at a store close to my house and i got panic, stepping outside I saw this men with gun, cutlass and cane, I was beaten like a thief before I struggled back home, no one is there to help cause everyone ran for their lives’.

The question is; what is the governor take on this?

Oyo people not safe because the governor imposed an ex-convict to manage the pack?

Nigeria Civil Defence Corps are to protect the citizens or fight against them?

Who will make the report as we know Auxiliary works for the governor ?

The police ? No, they keep silent , may be they are scared

This questions are to be answered by the Oyo state government.

3 thoughts on “Oyo State Park Manager attacks Ibadan Citizens with Civil Defence and Armed Thugs

  1. Anyway, the way I look at it, the gun and the people have the shadow but I couldn’t see any shadow for the stick at Auxiliary âś‹,also all the pictures of the wounded people are talking in one Conner of the room,THEY LOOK LIKE ACCIDENTAL VICTIM..This story is not true.

  2. The officers that follow the man doesn’t mean they were there to attack but to protect the man and you too can ask for protection from their State Headquarters. He was appointed by Oyo State Government to man all Parcks in the State, he is allowed to have Security Officers whenever he goes to see to the welfare of their staffs.

  3. Am just laughing as I read this story. People can fabricate thing sha. This story is not only lie, but to tarnish d image of the man and the officers. The fact that the man goes about with officers doesn’t mean that he attacked people with officers. Then, he did not even attack anybody in d first instance.

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