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OAU Graduate And Human Traffic Victim Reveals How Her Boss Tried Raping Her

Oyinlola Solanke, a human trafficking victim who was rescued by the Erelu Eyinade Foundation, has narrated how her boss attempted to rape her while working as a maid in Oman. .

Speaking in Abuja during a walk against girls trafficking and child labour, Solanke, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, said she was lured by her in-law who convinced her that she could earn N150,000 as a maid in Oman.

She said: “While working as a maid, they don’t allow you to lock your door when in the room. The experience I had wasn’t a good one. There were a lot of things they didn’t tell me would happen. .

When I got there, my passport was taken from me and secondly, I was not allowed to go out on my own. I spent 10 months there and it was just modern day slavery. .

I had to lie about the death of my dad before they permitted me to return to Nigeria. I asked some of my friends to chat with me on WhatsApp that my dad was dead. .

So, I had to lie that I would return to Oman in two weeks. I didn’t come back with most of my things. I still remember when I got there, I told them to get a resident card for me, but they didn’t.” .

Solanke cautioned young Nigerians against falling for the promises of a better life in foreign countries by traffickers, noting that it was untrue, adding that foreigners were treated shabbily and only allowed to do menial jobs. .

“As a Nigerian, as a black person, you can’t get a good job there. When I was leaving Oman, I saw a lady who had spent just six days and wanted to leave because she couldn’t bear the treatment. .

She wasn’t sexually abused, but she was over-worked, having to wake up at 4a.m. or 5a.m. and working till 1a.m. the next day. They won’t allow you to sit down for one second. .

Solanke, who has been employed as the secretary of the foundation, said she once threatened violence against her boss when he attempted to sexually assault her. .

She said: “Sometimes, my boss actually comes to my room to forcibly have sex with me, but I trained in Taekwando when I was in school and that was one thing that helped me.“

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