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Dear Sister, I know you love him, I am aware most of your mates are married. Some of their children are even in primary schools. But do you notice that by checking your LOVE THERMOMETER you are on the high side?

You stylishly asked him, when is he going to see your parents, he says “I am studying you”. He has been eating your food; you have been buying him clothes; you even accommodate him. I almost forgot, you carried out several abortions just to secure his love.

Your sister in-laws to be have turned your wardrobe into Yaba market. You took cooperative just to ensure he does not lose his job to clear his debt. Humm… you are in love, it’s not your fault, you even recharge his card just for him to call you. You bought ‘Anko’ for both of you at least to show the level of your love for him. You save his name on your phone as “Ife mi” ( my love). Now he has changed his number to user busy, call waiting and no answer. You even bought a new SIM card in disquise just to call him, 101 missed calls.

He beats you mercilessly and he still apologise and tell your friends it is ‘Okada’ accident. Even when your heart is telling you to break up, you are SUFFERING and SMILING, saying, his only problem is anger, I will cope, he will change. Did I hear you say he will change? You are just writing your mock exam, you don’t need a FORTUNETELLER to tell you that you are SUFFERING and SMILING.

Sister, wake up from your slumber. You need to know that Courtship is a period of checks and balances. It’s a period of questioning. That man doesn’t worth you. You are created to be celebrated. Stop going extra mile to prove your love to a man. IF YOUR ABSENCE IS NOT FELT, YOUR PRESENCE IS IRRELEVANT. Know for sure that a BROKEN COURTSHIP IS NOT EQUAL TO DIVORCE.

May you not fish in unprofitable waters. Wisdom to say goodbye receive after this post.

Dr Tinu-Steve Babalola
atinukebabalolasteve@gmail .com

Tinu- Lade Consult.

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